How To Choose a Child-Friendly Campsite?

Camping can be fun for children, they are excited every time they see something new, and a camping experience outdoors can introduce them to a host of new situations. They meet new people, they see new animals, plants and they get into new places. These experiences give them platforms to learn new things.

Even though camping can be awesome for children, it has its dangers as well. In this article I intend to share a few tips on how to choose a campsite that is safe for children.

First of all, you need to make sure that the site is far enough from the water. Many campsites are built close to rivers or lakes, as these natural waters supply great ways to spend the time with canoeing, fishing or scuba diving. However children might fall into the water and disastrous things might happen. As a general rule you shouldn’t leave your children unattended if the campsite has a lake or a river. It helps a lot if the campsite has a baywatch-like service who makes sure that everybody is safe during their play near the water.

The best campgounds have plenty of space between the tents.
The best campgounds have plenty of space between the tents. Source: Wikipedia

The best campgrounds have large, spacious campsites that have plenty of space between them. This way if you set up your family tent the kids still have plenty of space to run around between them. It is best to use tents that have as few guyout lines as possible so that the children don’t trip up while playing in the campsite.

The best child-friendly campsites also have a few sports courts. These courts can include a soccer pitch, a volleyball court, a badminton court. There can also be table tennis tables, a basketball court, or a swimming pool. There are campgrounds out there that have some kind of common room were the children can play games, dance, while someĀ campgrounds also have a sauna.

No campground can call itself child-friendly without a playground. However no to campgrounds are created equal. There are playgrounds that don’t have toys with sharp edges, or any high places. These ones are the truly safe playgrounds. The best playgrounds also have a few desks around them so that the parents can sit down while observing the play of their children.


There are many different types of campgrounds out there, and there are some that can serve the needs of little children at an extremely high level. If you choose campgrounds that have safe waters, safe playgrounds and sports courts as well as plenty of space between the campsites your children will surely enjoy camping.




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