Chain O’Lakes State Park

I have been living in Chicago for a long time, and I have had the privilege to stay in multiple campsites and state parks during my years of living in the city. On this blog I intend to show you the best campsites around Chicago. The first Campsite I intend to introduce to you is the Chain O Lakes State Park.

The park is 60 miles from Chicago, so it can be reached by car under two hours. The state park measures 2793 acres and it has a campsite that is next to the Fox River. The river has excellent options for families to spend some time together during camping.

The Fox River is famous for its wildlife, and rich population of animals and plants. There is an 80 acres big area set aside for a campsite that can host up to 200 families. the majority of the campsites have electricity, but you have to pay a bit of extra to stay on those campsites, they can charge you up to 25 bucks for a night in one of those campsites. The campsites can host either an RV, or it can host waterproof family tents. No matter which option you choose, you will have a great time.

Hwever the price is really worth the time you are going to spend there, as the river offers a host of ways that families can spend their time. First of all,  there is the possibility of canoeing on the river. Secondly you can fish on the river. In the winter you can ice fish on the river, which is rich in fish.

There are facilities for the kids to play at as well. The campsite has a playground, and it has a host of sports courts, like a volleyball court.

You can also rent horses in the in order to ride them on the trails. They also offer instructions for little children who want to try riding horses. I advise you to phone the  horse concession house in advance to get information on what the exact conditions of renting a horse are.

Bird of prey sighted in the Chain O’Lakes State Park

There are seven picnic areas located in the campsite. Each of them has a grill area, toilets and tables. The rental of one of these picnic areas can be as high as $25 per night.

In conclusion I advise you to try out the Chain O Lakes State Park, as it is a wonderful place to camp near the windy city. It offers plenty of chances for families to enjoy some quality time together while having a nice bbq, riding horses or catching a few fish.


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